The VIP Press Brake Gauge

This is a high quality, rugged press brake backstop gauge finger with micrometer adjustment. This tool has been production shop tested for 9 years and has proven to reduce setup time with increased accuracy.

No more shimming! You can eliminate tapers due to material pulling or faulty back stops by making exact corrections using the micrometer head.

You can add several VIP Gauge fingers for multiple step operations on one machine. This will increase the productivity of your CNC or manual press brakes.

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  • Using a 4-foot up-acting press brake with 8 VIP Gauge fingers, these parts are produced complete in one handling. Fewer handlings mean better time and motion efficiencies.
  • Parts can be inspected and the next operation begun immediately without waiting for all 1000 parts to run through a partial-bend sequence.
  • Precision adjustments can be made quickly with the micrometer wheel. No need for metal or masking tape shims.
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VIP Gauge Products

VIP Gauge All parts are CNC machined and VIP prides itself on the high level of quality manufacturing. Quality is the focus from the first engineering review right on through to customer delivery. We realize that in a manufacturing environment accidents happen, but replacement parts are available!


VIP Gauge Features

VIP GaugeVIP Gauge fingers set at the mid-point of their adjustment will align with stock AMADA® RG press brake fingers. This convenient design feature allows them to be used separately or in combination with stock AMADA® fingers for multiple step setups.


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